please? someday? soon?

Please, little one, will you come out so we can finally meet face to face instead of inside to inside? So I can know what you feel like in my arms instead of just my belly (and ribcage and pelvis and hip bones…)?  So your big sister can see if you look like her, if you have that special little toe like she does? So your daddy can have his full passel of girls?

Please, sweet baby, will you bravely enter this world? Not just for the first time, but every time – each day when you open your eyes, when you encounter a new person, new experience, new piece of this glorious (and often heartwrenching) thing we call life? Will you love with your whole heart, and cry lustily, and be who you truly are – in each and every moment, from the very first onward?

Please, sweet girl, come out and experience our love – accept it, rely on it, learn to live and walk in it and even return it someday. We are so very excited to meet you, to hold you, to show you what you mean to us. Come out, please. Come let us love you.




***photos courtesy of my darling friend Jen Olson, aka coconutbelly. Check out her amazing photo skills here and her equally lovely writing here. She’s an amazing treasure, that one. Thanks for the gorgeous shots, love!

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I don’t understand people who can feel crummy and still be Little-Miss-Sunshine.  I woke up today (around 3am) with a sore throat and a stuffed up nose and feeling absolutely, disconsolately stinky…. and I must say that in this state it’s very hard to be warm, cheerful, or even sometimes just civil.  Maybe I just have no reserve built up like other people do, where I’ve been stuffing extra sunshine when nobody’s looking (for just such an occasion), but I find it nearly impossible to be a human being when I’m sick.  I want to crawl up into the fetal position and turn all the lights off, and keep a big pokey stick next to me to jab at anyone who ventures near to my solace.  I keep seeing Meg Ryan in “You’ve Got Mail,” all confused and adorable as she’s blowing her nose on fifteen bazillion tissues and ranting in her cute-as-a-button way and I think, “Are you kidding me?!?”  Nobody is that cute when they’re sick.  Especially not if they’re in the fetal position with a big pokey stick.

** a repost from April 2006 that kept ringing in my ears today… boy, I really don’t change! 🙂

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daily bread 7/12/11

my cute little rice cooker

Here we are again, with more yumminess to share… I have cooked some amazingly delicious things lately, so get yourselves ready – as Bette Middler says, get into that kitchen and rattle some pots & pans!

  • Thai Green Curry Tofu with Vegetables – My sweet friend Amy of Green Your Plate shares my passion for Asian food and blew my socks off with a few of these. This is one. I made it with chicken simply because we had some that needed to be used, and it was fabulous. One note – I use Thai Kitchen curry paste and I’ve noticed that they’ve toned down their heat and upped the sweet content lately, so although I used plenty of paste it was barely warm. Next time I’ll use more & go easier on the brown sugar.
  • Balsamic Chicken Pasta with Fresh Cheese – Yum. Enough said. Just as good reheated the next day for lunch.
  • Peanut Chicken with Steamed Spinach and Basmati Rice – This one knocked it out of the park for our entire family – no small feat. I wouldn’t change a thing, but offer one warning… when you’re sauteing all those peppers, it can be hard to breathe in the kitchen!
  • Vietnamese Shrimp & Noodle Soup – This one was from the Lund’s & Byerly’s Summer 2011 Real Food magazine – the link will take you to my Plan to Eat account where I typed it up. This was very good, even at room temp on a (very) warm summer night. For next time I would have more cilantro, some fresh mint, and some bean sprouts on hand to plunk in when you serve, as they do at my fave Vietnamese restaurant Quang’s.
  • Mexican Black Bean Burgers – These were superb… easy to make, flavorful, and satisfying enough for the meat eaters not to complain. We ate them with guacamole as the topping (and some added ketchup for the ketchup lovers) and almost couldn’t get enough. If I hadn’t killed my blender making them we’d be eating them again very soon (don’t worry, it was an old blender – no fault of the burgers’!)
  • Roasted Vegetable Baked Ziti – The roasted veggies in this were succulent – I had to hold myself back from picking out all the zucchini pieces and eating them. It’s past asparagus season so I only used red pepper, zucchini & onion but it was enough. Next time maybe I’ll add eggplant & mushrooms, too.
  • Penne with Beef and Arugula – Hands down one of my favorite pasta dishes – light, summery, delicious. A girlfriend turned me on to it as for her it’s her pre-race dinner (she’s a runner)… I use spinach instead of arugula and we eat it pre-anything.
  • Pork Green Chili – A nice, easy crockpot meal. Good as a burrito filler, on eggs, or just straight out of the bowl. My one problem was that the recipe simply says to use a “medium” pork roast & I wasn’t sure what exactly that meant – I went with a 2 pounder and it worked out great.
Anything you think I’d love or want me to test out? Let me know! I’m always game for something new and if you have a good recipe – lay it on me, friends!
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my frosty cup, alongside our new fish bowl. Oscar the betta fish hid.

There’s a giant in my garden. It’s a pretty giant, and a yummy one, but it’s rather taking over… so I’ve been trolling the internets, looking for ways to use her up and cut her down to size.

My new favorite: rhubarb iced tea.

I came across a few different recipes in my hunting and realized it came down more to method than recipe, so I went outside, hacked some rhubarb, and made it up as I went along.  And friends? It’s goooood. Olive tried some and her little face just lit up. And just look at that lovely pink color…. sigh. The perfect summer drink. Especially if you have an overgrown rhubarb plant, like me.

Rhubarb Iced Tea

  • Gather 12-15 stalks rhubarb and chop into inch-ish sized pieces.
  • Throw in a pot with 8 cups water.
  • Bring to a boil.
  • Reduce heat and simmer for about an hour.
  • Strain.
  • Add sugar to taste. I ended up with about half a cup.
  • Refrigerate.
  • Enjoy!
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31 weeks



Taken whilst shopping at one of my favorite places, The Cottage House. I am officially huge – Jeff says I’ve entered “whaleness.” And that, my friends, is why I love the man.

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