>Bunny & bibs


Originally uploaded by Miss Eliza.

That, for some reason, is what Minnesotans call overalls.

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5 Responses to >Bunny & bibs

  1. Luke Navarro says:

    >What do people from California call them?

  2. Miss Eliza says:

    >We Californians (yes, I am still and shall always be) call them “overalls.” Don’t we?

  3. Luke Navarro says:

    >I conferred with Christine, she thinks I’m crazy. Anyway I think we called them bibs. I don’t think I’m from Minnesota.

  4. Miss Eliza says:

    >I concur with Christine. 🙂

  5. >I think I call them bibs more frequently than overalls. But I believe the full name is bib overalls. B/c they go over-all. I think the bib part comes from the fabric that sits under you chin and between your waist like a bib.

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