>On my mind today…

>Katie has me seriously coveting a new ‘do – I tried to highlight my hair this weekend at home and so now I have blonde spots on the right side of my head and hardly anywhere else. Part of me thinks that’s cool, and the other part thinks I should run, not walk, to the Aveda Institute for triage. But of primary concern is that I’m seriously hankering to get my nose re-pierced, and although Jeffery is not entirely sold on the proposition (due to the sudden random appearance of silver booger while wearing said piercing) I think I’m going to go do it, anyway. So there. I have this sudden struggle of desperation to not go under to the quicksand that is mommy frumpiness. I think what sent me dovetailing was the realization that I can no longer wear any of my sassy shoes due to post-pregnancy foot spreading, and shoes I bought while pregnant are too big.… so for now I am stuck wearing flip flops every moment of every day. Now mind you, as a native Southern Californian I know that flip flops are the ultimate fashion accessory and that they come in every decibel level of dressiness AND sauciness, but there’s something about never having heels and that incessant smacking noise when I walk around work that just takes a little of the allure away.

You have now entered my world.

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