>why i should always carry my camera


  1. Parking lot, clunky old blue Dodge Caravan minivan with plastic tarp duct taped where a rear windshield should be. Spray painted across said tarp in bright red: HE IS RISEN.
  2. Busy corner in Uptown where construction has closed the street to one lane each way. Suddenly the intersection is mobbed by hundreds of bicyclers who stop smack in the middle of traffic, get off their bikes, raise them over their heads and yell “1,2,3, OUR STREET!!” then return bikes to the ground, climb on, and ride off cheering. When asked what they were protesting, two cyclists glanced at each other before one offered, “um, cyclists’ rights, I think.”
  3. A big ‘ol mondo turtle trucking across campus.
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  1. Katester says:

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