>True to life

>I have spent the last half hour at my desk surrounded by two other coworkers, all crowded around my computer looking at Andy’s obsession – Department 56 New England Village miniatures.

“It all started with the Craggy Cove Lighthouse…”

“oooh, do you have the pottery store?”

“No, but I’ve got the Pennsylvania Dutch Farmhouse.”

“We could totally set up a whole village in here. I bet we’d win the Christmas decorating contest.”

“I even have a Santa we could have going across fishing wire above us.”

And this is why The Office is funny.

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  1. >My applause to Andy for being MAN enough to break out of gender-stereotypes. Especially since I can’t understand the obsession, quite frankly I’d like to go Godzilla on miniture villages. I feel compelled… and powerful. Muhahahahahaha

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