>i heart my planner

All who know me know that I tend to buy office products in a frenzied, hopeful way, thinking that each new system is going to magically “fix” me and make me attend to the details.

They don’t.

But here is my newest find and – GET THIS – I actually find myself using it. I love love love LOVE it and I might just buy myself a box of 50 so I have one for every year till I turn eighty (cause who needs a planner after that??).

Kudos to keri smith for her fabulous creation, which, instead of trying to fix me just inspires and honors who I already am – an artsy fartsy who can only deal with so many straight lines.

Oh, and as an added bonus? On recycled paper and made with soy based ink. Hooray!!

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3 Responses to >i heart my planner

  1. Chickenbells says:

    >That looks like a ton of creative fun…I’m feeling a bit jealous…I’m a pen whore myself. I can not pass by a pen display without wanting to get some…horrible

  2. Katester says:

    >I LOVE KERI SMITH!!! (But not in a weird, stalker obsessed way of course.) 🙂

  3. sognatrice says:

    >Ooh, I heart your planner too!!!!!!!I’m a pen *and* paper fiend, so this is just too lovely. Enjoy!

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