>love for the loft

>Reason #2, 478 why I love Minneapolis:

The Loft Literary Center. How on earth did the universe connive to place me 10 minutes from the largest literary center in the country?!?! And – an even better question – how did I not know that I was in said location until recently?

The place is fantastic – a large open coffeehouse when you first walk in to Open Book (the name of the building) – great coffee, yummy pastries, free WiFi. A gallery on either side, the Minnesota Bookbinding School to the back (along with a shop that sells the most delicious journals and writing papers), and the Loft upstairs, with a place for readings and all these fabulous warehouse-y classrooms.

Saturday morning I went to a workshop called 30 Steps to Becoming a Writer. The room had this funky hardwood floor with big metal sheets interspersed, and outlines of keys and letters from the alphabet etched onto the floor. No ceiling, windows open directly onto the rainy, sploshy streets of downtown below. Absolutely exhilarating. Thus, a post/love letter.

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