>Greenie Everyone

>In honor of Blogger Action Day, here are two of my favorite green finds:

greendimes – for $15 they cut down your junk mail by a TON – our mailbox is mostly empty everday, which I LOVE. Plus, they plant 10 trees in your honor. Who couldn’t use less papers piling up on their countertops, and a good conscience to boot?

Snap CO2 Saver – a free download that changes your computer setting so it hibernates after a set amount of time of non-use – it measures how much CO2 emissions you’ve saved, and it cuts down on energy costs, too. Plus you can always see how many pounds of carbon you’ve kept out of the atmosphere lately – which is a pretty good pick me up on a yucky day.

Hop on the bandwagon, everyone!

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  1. Sanjiv says:

    >GreenDimes here,Thanks for the mention. We’re hoping to beat the holiday rush of catalogs.

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