>where are my tax dollars going?!?!

>All I wanted this morning was a nice little cozy spot in a library to snuggle up to a computer and search job postings, maybe email a few resumes. Instead, I spent half the morning driving around to find a library that was actually open (I had to go to St Paul – and while yes, these are Twin Cities, that doesn’t mean they’re exactly close) because apparently 10am is as early as you can go to the library here… and then you are only allowed one hour on the internet and it is INFERNALLY SLOW. I have 12 minutes left. And yes, I’m a little bitter.

Now, I know we have a bridge to repair and all, but if my tax money is going to build a new ballpark or something rather than to open the library in the morning and have decent internet connections, I am going to let someone have it.

Note to self: FIND A WAY TO GET A LAPTOP. Isn’t there someplace you can rent one or something?

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6 Responses to >where are my tax dollars going?!?!

  1. Chickenbells says:

    >Yeah…our library here expanded…which means it got rid of a third of the books and put in a coffee bar…it’s so dumb. They stuck the kids downstairs where there are no windows…ugh.I think you can get a laptop and make payments on it right? I love my Mac…and I know they do some sort of financing…

  2. KinnicChick says:

    >There is a coffee shop here in Hudson, E… Actually there are two less than a block apart. Both open around 6 and both have free wifi for those with laptops and both have two computers on site for customer use. If you get desperate. I’m not sure how far you are from Hudson, but if you want to know the locations, email me. That actually goes for all Dunn Bros locations around the metro. Those further in have computers that are probably more busy in the morning, but I know of a couple that are never in use when I’m visiting because most people do go with their own laptops in tow. FWIW.

  3. sweetisu says:

    >I was going to say, use Dun Brother’s coffee shops. Or something similar. I know the one in EP have computers to use so I assume the other locations do as well.I love LOVE my Mac. See if you can find a inexpensive 2nd hand one through some online venue like ebay or craigslist or..

  4. >i ask myself that same question frequently. our tax dollars here are sucked dry by the city that is our county seat for things like prison expansion. maybe if they made our local library bigger than my master bedroom & funded the schools for real education, we wouldn’t need the prison expansion!whew! that feels better…

  5. >During a computer crash, I used a library for internet access. The connection was super fast, but I was surrounded my men looking at online porn. Right there at the library on a Saturday morning.

  6. Miss Eliza says:

    >SBW – That is crazy and sick! I actually hit the downtown Minneapolis library on Thursday and it was fabulous – fast and empty (thank goodness, after your story!) and 2 hours of internet time. I absolutely fell in love with that place.keri & sweetisu – thanks for the Dunn Bros idea. I went to the New one on Lake street here in Uptown and the sign said you could only use it for 15 minutes at a time. What on earth do they think you can accomplish in that time? Anyway, I’ll scout out another location or two and see what I can find. Maybe I’ll run into you sometime, Keri!

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