>where a post should reside

>Why is it that during NaBloPoMo I decide to be tricksy and import my post in a new and unknown way? And then trust that it worked without checking?

Because, at times, I am a nitwit.

Thus, this is a placeholder where a really well written post – that is now out wandering cyberspace – should be living.

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3 Responses to >where a post should reside

  1. >Hey, no fair! I was planning to pull the placeholder trick when I couldn’t come up with anything else to write during NaBloPoMo. Grrr…now I have to find another idea. Thanks a lot.

  2. >p.s. Glad you see you must be feeling better.

  3. Miss Eliza says:

    >You are too funny! Yes, we have all returned to the land of the living… and I won’t tell a soul if you want to follow suit with the placeholder. 😉

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