>missed you!!

>I have been Thanksgiving-ing in a land bereft of internet connection, and I have to tell you that it gave me anxiety to be away from my keyboard, my connections, and most of all… you all. I didn’t realize what a tidy little routine I’d gotten into with my daily posting, reading and commenting and I felt like something was so out of place without doing it. I had planned to be so on top of things and have posts ready for you all while I was gone (which kate so fabulously offered to come in and post for me daily) but no avail – there weren’t enough and it felt like NaBloPoMo cheating. So, I am returned and ready to begin again..

First up, I owe larissa and sognatrice memes, which I will get to this afternoon and/or tomorrow morning. I think I will be reading all afternoon to catch up with you all…

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6 Responses to >missed you!!

  1. Cakespy says:

    >Nice blog! I know what you mean about having that empty feeling when you can’t do your daily writing bit!

  2. Katester says:

    >oh good. i was afraid you didn’t get my message. whew!

  3. >Glad you’re back. I miss writing when I can’t do it, too.

  4. sweetisu says:

    >I hope your time away lots of fun, despite the internet withdrawl thing 😉

  5. >yes, it is weird to be away from the blog thing. i do imagine that one day i will want a break, but not just yet! welcome back 🙂

  6. Miss Eliza says:

    >Thanks, everyone. See why I missed you?? You’re such nice people!! 🙂

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