>someone needs to get a job…

>Me: Good morning, BriteMedia.

Caller: Who is this?

Me: BriteMedia.

Caller: This isn’t Sex 24 Hours?

Me: No.


It’s 9:15am.

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6 Responses to >someone needs to get a job…

  1. Mrs. G. says:

    >OK, that’s a little scary. Can you say addiction?

  2. Nava says:

    >Hey – your 9:15am might be his 10pm, right? Unless he was going for the early bird special 🙂

  3. Frances says:

    >Well that’s an interesting way to kick off your week LOL.Waving at you from New York,Franceshttp://blogjem.com

  4. Larissa says:

    >Yikes. Hopefully your phone number isn’t accidentally listed in some porn directory.

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