>”Americans have surpassed Italians for wine consumption and are quickly gaining on the French…”

So said the wine guy on the radio during my morning commute… and all I have to say is….


Perhaps my perception is a little stilted because I’ve been reading Italian travel memoirs like a crazy person lately (A Thousand Days in Tuscany, A Thousand Days in Venice, The Lady in the Palazzo, Extra Virgin, Under the Tuscan Sun), but I’m certain they’re overlooking something. Maybe we Americans buy more wine than Italians do, but then again, none of us are tending vineyards to produce our own year’s-supply worth of vino de uvas as a matter of course. No backyard vines amongst our vegetable gardens and olive plants (though I wish it were so!).

Which again gives fodder to my belief (built by a background in the field of psychology) that statistics can be skewed to say just about anything.
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  1. >Being in the business of selling and promoting Italian wine in the U.S., I am thrilled by these statistics. But alas, you have a point. I believe that Americans still primarily use wine as a cocktail and do not enjoy it with their meals in the same way the Europeans do. When that happnes, there will be a true appreciation for wine in this country. Or should I say – IF that ever happens. Great books you are reading. I just got Extra Virgin for Christmas and the 1,000 days books are on my list to read!

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