>stumbled upon…


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  1. >Wouldn’t it be great to have a sign like that in your home? Just as a comfort when you feel like things are going out of control. Maybe not in neon, though.I left a comment on your blog the other day but I don’t see it. There is a thank you post on my blog for you.

  2. Nava says:

    >If they say so – it must be right :-)HAPPY 2008!!!About that painting, leave me a comment with your email on my blog, and then delete the comment. This way, nobody else but me will see your email address (I’ll still see it, as the comment is sent to me).

  3. Sheila Ann says:

    >Ohh..I like that!

  4. Amy the Mom says:

    >I think I need to make that the background on my computer. Or print it and frame it.

  5. Katester says:

    >With a title like that on your next post, I almost couldn’t help myself. However, I glanced at it and realized you were probably serious. 🙂 Don’t worry, I didn’t read/see a thing aside from some sort of white something or other.

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