>the week in bullet points

>Having survived my first week working with 3-5 year old special ed students (barely, I must own), I lack the ability to post much of anything, but here is a list of some of the week’s highlights:

  • “I am a mystery… I steal things.” Said with a baby doll under one arm, a Lego tower and two cars in the other.
  • Poking my head into the bathroom to check on one who was taking too long to see her sniffing a wad of poopy toilet paper.
  • Morning bus route, a boy keeps taking off his seat belt so I move him to a car seat. He kicks and pinches me and says “I’m going to kick your ass, bitch.”
  • A boy who refers to his mother as “dearest” or as his husband.
  • Said one of the most outgoing boys in the class: “I’m a little bit shy.”
  • After hearing “no,” a boy says “I am going to call my mother right now because you have ruined my day and my whole life.”
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3 Responses to >the week in bullet points

  1. cat says:

    >Oh my gods. You are braver than me, by far. I thought raising my own was hard enough.Poopy toilet paper? Gag!

  2. Katester says:

    >This is hysterical. Good luck with months to come! You have ruined my whole life!

  3. Miss Eliza says:

    >cat – yeah, I know… and i’ve noticed that everyone i work with doesn’t have kids!!thanks, kate. this should provide laughs for months and years to come (should i hang in that long)…

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