>Our clan had quite the week here…. my first week of a new job, Olive’s first foray into the world of day care (a whopping hour a day for two days – but still traumatic), the hubby lost his job on Thursday for being “overqualified,” which he most certainly is, the first year molars have begun to make their loudly heralded appearance, and now I am sick, let’s all say it together, AGAIN.

And to be honest, I’m feeling a little down. My reader stats (I wish I had never signed up for those!) are down, I’ve been a terrible poster lately, I still have basically no idea what I want to write about 99% of the time, the whole freelance writing career I’ve been wanting so desperately to start feels not one iota closer… I know this is mostly the cold mixed with a jot of small blogger blues, but it still feels so present. So real and so encompassing. And I read the blogs I love – written by my friends and heroes – and I am full of admiration, affection, jealousy and hopelessness.

I need to find my voice. My voice. Is it something to be uncovered, or wrought together, or captured? And how, exactly, does one do it?

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  1. not says:

    >that is quite a week! Yay new job! Boo lost job! Boo sickness! Yay social-time for Olive! (an hour a day…)I wouldn’t sweat the stats. I think everything is down right now. Write for you and the rest will follow (of course, that’s my philosophy and not everyone shares it…I’m clearly no Dooce 😉 )What’s Sunday afternoon look like for coffee?

  2. Laura says:

    >You’re doing it and these events will help you do it – no matter how sucky they are. Sorry to hear about the hubby. Sometimes life strips us down to build us up better. I know how self-helpy it sounds but its one of those things that rings true.XO,L

  3. >Just do it. Stifle your inner critic and write something every day. (NaBloPoMo had at least one good point – it takes regular doing to make a habit.) Then look back in six months – you’ll see your voice. (It may not be what you hoped for, but that’s another issue entirely.)

  4. Amy the Mom says:

    >I’m with “gottagopractice”-just write. I felt prolific after NaBloPoMo, but then the holidays and life happened and I got off track. If it’s stats you’re after, I’ve watched another blogger’s stats hit the stratosphere after she went on a comment campaign-which I would never have time for. She comments on hundreds of blogs and they have all been returning the favor. But it’s probably not the stats that you should be looking at-just write and that will follow. Now to go and practice what I preach!

  5. Chickenbells says:

    >Oh…just write all the time…I agree with everyone else up there! You have to write to find your voice…I swear, I’ve been blogging for 2 years, and I still change my voice all the time. Depending of course, on what I’m going through. Sometimes I don’t share that with the blogosphere though…I too get jealous of the people that have such a strong voice and simple writing style…but, I am me…and I’d probably better get happy with that…we all have our own voices and ways of saying things…that’s why it’s so fun to follow people along in their journey (and stats are down from what I can see…a lot of people I personally know are struggling with one thing or another lately)

  6. >Hey you! I’m here- listening, reading, praying, and identifying. Hang in there kiddo– I think you are finding your voice. And you are a voice– one that I deeply appreciate it. Love ya, sister!Tara

  7. Miss Eliza says:

    >Thank you all for the encouragement and kick-in-the-pants…. that was just what I needed. I always hate to post woe-is-me type things, but I know you’ll put me back in line when I do. :)love you all.

  8. Miss Eliza says:

    >not – sunday afternoon would work just fabulously – fingers crossed that I am FINALLY over this cold by then. What time?

  9. >You’ll find your stride soon. And then you’ll probably lose it again. And find it again…if you’re anything like me that is.FWIW, my stats, overall have been down too. I think it’s a holiday thing–I myself am just getting around to catching up on the blogs I love, so perhaps that’s what a lot of readers are doing now too.Hang in there!

  10. Frances says:

    >So sorry to read about all this non-stop stress.Sending good healing vibes your way.I think you’re a great blogger with your own very special voice, and I am phenomenally glad you are part of our group.Take care,Frances

  11. Bhavana says:

    >i hope that soon things will start to look up for. but until then remember to look for that silver lining .. or chocolate .. or whatever. I wish I could come visit your page more b/c i do so like it but my internet always logs me off when i get here. it’s all very strange. but good luck all the same

  12. K T Cat says:

    >First, I am terribly sorry about your husband being laid off. You’re in our thoughts and prayers.Second, my suggestion is to write, write write. Diary entries, blog posts, poems, short stories, whatever.Than go back and read the lot of them and see which of them seems most appealing to you.Like anything else, whether it’s hitting a baseball or being a research scientist, it’s performing your desired job and then analyzing your mistakes that makes you better.If you’re down about how much you’ve failed, then double your rate of failure. Hidden within those failures are the keys to your success. As you correct the things you see wrong, you get better and better.Lastly, don’t see failure as a bad thing. It’s not. It’s a teacher. Maybe a harsh teacher, but a good one. As soon as I got that through my thick head, I became a better writer, a better employee and a better father.

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