>because when the going gets tough…

>…you go get another cat. This is George (it’s actually King George – ask J why, I don’t know – but I usually call him Georgie), the newest addition to our family. He’s 8 months old and adorable, a snuggly bug who climbs under the covers with us at night to cuddle. Just what you need when life throws you some curveballs. Phoebe is slowly adapting to the idea of him, and we’re hopeful they’ll be dear friends sometime soon. I already love him to pieces.
And this is my darling O, sporting pigtails for the very first time. She’s very into baking lately – since we took her to the Mill City Museum (a must-see in Minneapolis!!) and she got her very own mini spatula, pie pan, loaf pan, whisk, and rolling pin. I’m tasting cakes every few minutes and I can tell you that they’re DELICIOUS.I’ve been writing tons – but in my journal, on the hourlong break I have every day during work. I take up residence at “my” table by the window at Turtle Bread Company, replete with a mug ‘o joe and a fresh roll heavily buttered, and I write. I promise some of those bits will make appearances here soon – I am just on a very limited bit of internet time lately. But I miss you all – and I’m dying for some feedback – so expect things soon.

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5 Responses to >because when the going gets tough…

  1. K T Cat says:

    >George looks like a total sweetheart!

  2. >I had a wonderful time meeting you this afternoon!(and the kitty is sweet, but not as sweet as O!!)

  3. therapydoc says:

    >They’re both really cute.

  4. Frances says:

    >Ohmigosh that’s the cutest little baker ever.

  5. Chickenbells says:

    >That is one seriously cute feline…and a lovely chef to boot! I’ll bet she makes wonderful cakes…

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