>Carnival of Family Life

Welcome to the January 28, 2008 edition of Carnival of Family Life!!

Summer presents Just What Is Mom Teaching? posted at Mom Is Teaching.

Summer presents On My Own posted at Wired For Noise.

Tiffany Washko presents
BPA Free Sippy Cups – Part Two
posted at Natural Family Living Blog.

Lin Burress presents Helping and Enabling – Is There A Difference? posted at Telling It Like It Is.

cate3 presents Why Homeschool: Book review: Marriage and Caste in America by Kay S.
posted at Why Homeschool. Henry reviews “Marriage and Cast in America” The book covers some disturbing trends in America and underlines the importance of marriage to children.

pickel presents Individualized Education Plan posted at Discussing Autism.

Terri Mauro presents Enterprising Parent Shares Allergy Facts Fast posted at About Parenting Special Needs.

WhatWorksForUs presents Reality? Check. posted at What Works For Us.

Lisa Mitchell presents Breastfeeding and Chocolate posted at Let’s Talk Babies.

Cory Aldrich presents Clearing a Cloudy Marriage posted at marriageactually.com.


Joanne presents My Five Best Homeschooling Tips posted at An Unschooling Life. I’ve been a a homeschooling (actually unschooling) mama since 2004 and there’s never been a moment that I regret it or question if we made the right choice. I’ve learned some things along the way and I find myself constantly questioning my own thoughts on education, real learning and the school system. With that in mind, here are my five best homeschooling tips.

Michael Ruch presents What my children should know posted at Mikes World.

GrrlScientist presents Attenborough in Paradise posted at Living the Scientific Life. A remarkable set of adventures to the South Pacific islands and beyond on DVD as David Attenborough pursues his most deeply burning passions.

Alvaro Fernandez presents Looking Inside the Brain: is my Brain Fit? posted at SharpBrains. How neuroimaging and the brain reserve theory support the value of education, lifelong learning and stimulating hobbies.

Matthew Paulson presents Education is Tops posted at American Consumer News.

Family Finance

Betsy Teutsch presents No-Name vs. Designer: the Parents’ Dilemma posted at Money Changes Things. When my son wanted designer clothing, he had to pay the difference. Another title of this post could be “how my son quickly discovered designer thrift shops!

Mitch McDonald presents Save on purchasing major appliances posted at FYI About.com.

the simple nickle presents 5 Smart Financial Moves for Teens posted at the simple nickle. Know a teenager? Pass this useful info on to them and you just might change their life.

Kyle James presents Propane Bill Came Today – OUCH! posted at Rather-Be-Shopping.com Blog. Tips to help your family save on their energy bill.

Silicon Valley Blogger presents Save Money With Unusual Savings Devices: An Illustrated Guide To Cool Piggy Banks posted at The Digerati Life. I’m starting the process of teaching my very young kids the value of a dollar by introducing an innovative piggy bank or two from this list!

paidtwice presents No, I Won’t Buy Your Lousy Souvenirs posted at I’ve Paid For This Twice Already…. So much for the *free* show!

Raymond presents The Best Cash Back Credit Card – If I Could Only Pick Just One posted at Money Blue Book.

Family Health and Wellness

FitBuff presents Contest: My Fitness Solution – Free One Year Membership posted at FitBuff.com’s Total Mind and Body Fitness Blog. If you or anyone else in your family would like to be in better physical shape, one of our sponsors is offering a free one year membership to one lucky reader. Check out this post for details on how you can enter in less than 30 seconds…

Aparna presents Cabbage – Medicinal and Cosmetic Value posted at Beauty & Personality Grooming. Cabbage is a mine of vitamins, fiber and other minerals like calcium, iron, sulphur, phosphorous etc.

Megan Bayliss presents About Teddy Tour posted at Teddy Tour. Teddy Bears are a comforting symbol of childhood. Imaginif and All for Women are using Teddies as a pictorial symbol of the numbers of children sexually abused throughout the world. If you are a survivor
of child sexual abuse, please consider sending in an anonymous story tag to be worn by a Teddy as the Teddies tour the blogosphere raising awareness of the importance of keeping kids safe.

Carole Fogarty presents Detox Your Kitchen Bench: Six Simple Things You Can Do Now. posted at The Healthy Living Lounge.

James D. Brausch presents New Years Resolutions posted at Weight Loss Dude.

Angela Williams Duea presents I’m a Gym Dork posted at angelawd. My husband and I made a resolution to get back in shape…and yet, the gym is more dangerous than I realized.

Leslie Williams presents When You Only Have Now posted at Do You Weary Like I Do?. Caring for the elderly teaches youth a lot!

Laura Scarborough presents This Much I Know Is True posted at Adventures in Juggling.

Family Humor

TherapyDoc presents Controlling Your World and Everyone Else’s While You’re at It posted at Everyone Needs Therapy. Kermit’s rolling in his swamp.

presents My Dad posted at Nebulous Mooch.

spillay presents ?And Baby Makes 3? posted at A Pot of Gold.

CouponFetcher presents Beware Of Golf Spies posted at Coupon Fetcher.com.

Jaimie presents And To That I Say, Good Luck posted at Hug Twice. My spouse is resistant to change.

Jennifer in OR
presents Notes About Nothing posted at Diary of 1.


JHS presents What is Your Legacy? posted at Colloquium, headquarters for the Carnival of Family Life. What would you say to your family and friends if you were to compose a message to be published upon your death? One soldier thought about that question and extracted a promise from his friend to publish his words if he should die in Iraq. Sadly, that post was published earlier this month.

Sutocu presents Selecting a Home Theater DVD Player posted at Home Theater Point.

Suzanne presents Your Own Real Kids (Snarky) posted at Adventures in Daily

Tupelo Kenyon presents How to Accelerate Manifestation posted at Tupelo Kenyon. Whenever a new desire or grand plan is born within us, the tendency is to share it with others. Every time we talk about it, the energy of the dream seems to deflate a little more, until it becomes merely a topic of idle chatter. Why is that? How can we add to the excitement and urgency of our dreams instead, and speed up their manifestation? (Enjoy soothing instrumental music as you read plus song selections with lyrics related to each article – all free.)

Kevin Heath
presents Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids posted at More4kids.

Joshua Wagner presents Love and Fear posted at Total Possibility.

Steve Oliphant presents Blessings posted at Steve Oliphant’s Musings.

gamy presents Stop Coping With Fear, Transform It. posted at Mind Think Success. Many people are coping with this word: FEAR, without realizing it. I have been there, done that, and know what it is like to cope with fear.

pickel presents When Adoptions Go Wrong: Dateline Exclusive posted at A Child Chosen. Follow-up about Dateline episode at A Child Chosen as well.

Stephanie presents Who Knew Greek was So Easy? posted at Stop the Ride!.

HowToMe presents How to Cook Herb-Crusted Venison Tenderloin Roast and Pasta posted at HowToMe. Grocery Stores have some wonderful, free recipe cards. I picked this one up years ago. It is made for beef, but is excellent when venison is substituted. Cooking with organic meat is good all around.

Jenny presents That Awesome Moment of Silence posted at the so called me.

presents Date Your Spouse, Fight for Your Marriage posted at Dandelions and Daydreams. With divorce occurring at a startling rate, those of us who are married must be proactive about fighting for our marriages. There are so many forces trying to pull our marriages apart. If we don’t fight for it, who will?

Dolfin presents Dresses posted at Lionden Landing. A disastrous dressing dilemma. Can you help me find this pattern?

Ada Ozoh presents Identity – Discovering Myself posted at WH Africa.

Alex Landis presents Fight Club & Fatherless Men posted at AlexLandis.com.

presents 5 YouTube Videos That Always Make Me Stop and Ponder posted at PlanetSaedel.

Parenting Tips and Advice

Karen – Thrifty Mommy presents 10 Ways to Teach Your Children About Money posted at Thrifty Mommy. As parents, one of our important responsibilities is to teach our children about money. Here are some tips to get you started.

Christine presents High School, Hair Color and Choices posted at Me, My Kid and Life: An American Single Mom Living in France.

Melitsa presents Play Rangers posted at Play-Activities.com. A simple but effective way of developing play skills.

manicmama presents Toy Hacking posted at Little Legends Blog. A novel way to deal with old toys.

Carole G. McKay presents A Commercial Message posted at McKay Today. A call to prioritize, integrate and balance our busy lives.

Host Bee presents Valentines Day Treats and Snacks for School Parties posted at Busy Bee Lifestyle.

PlanningQueen presents Why Planning Meals Works and the Importance of Shared Meal Time. posted at Planning with Kids. How to make meal time a more meaningful and enjoyable

Kelsey presents Infant Attachment – Why is Development of Infant Attachment Important
for a Mother and Infant?
posted at Vanilla Joy – Family Fun and Education.

Amy Allen Clark
presents Ask Frugal Momma: Brunch Birthday Ideas? posted at MomAdvice.

Guera presents Tips for Flying with Children posted at A Roaming Aussie Mum. A few tips I have for flying long haul with kids.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of the Carnival of Family Life using the carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on the blog carnival index page.

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