>sacred sunday

>Emerging from the dead… I feel like I’ve been living under water lately, so stuffed up and half alive that nothing would break through. For weeks…. not a happy existence, not at all. But today, as Olive napped in the backseat and I happily read from my new book (bought at a fabulous little shop called ReGifts) so as not to wake her – for one never wakes a sleeping toddler purposely! – I rediscovered myself.

Here is the new life purpose/intention statement I wrote in that time:

I will live each day by creating, cultivating and enjoying beauty – in myself, my life, my relationships, and the people and world around me.

And, whilst we’re revealing things around here, here’s a little something I’ve been stewing about for quite a while now… you may have noticed that I am slightly excited about where I live, and I’m always dropping the names of darling little shops and cafes I’ve discovered. Well, I now own the domain name miniapplemaven.com, and having dubbed myself such, I now need to commence the writing and reviewing. So, if you ever come here to the marvelous Mini Apple, you’ll know exactly what to do. I promise absolutely nothing is on that page yet, but it will be. So help me, it will be.

And here is where I have some dues to pay – to you all, my dear readers, however many of you there may be (who knows?) and wherever you may hail from. Your love is my warmest blanket in this writing endeavor, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You all grace me with comments regularly, these beautiful rays of sunshine into my soul. Thank you!

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9 Responses to >sacred sunday

  1. >I love your purpose statement. Maybe because we share some key words.The domain is exciting! It sounds like a fun project (and I have all sorts of suggestions for inclusion!!)Glad you’re feeling more like yourself again.Cheers!

  2. Chickenbells says:

    >Your statement is wonderful! I will look forward to all that you manifest with it…and I am loving the new name you dubbed yourself as well…it is the perfect time for new beginnings indeed!

  3. therapydoc says:

    >Wonderful affirmation

  4. elaine says:

    >Hello Miss E. I haven’t been by in a while. I’m so sorry — I’m not keeping up with my blog-reading. But it’s my loss to not read posts like yours as soon as their published. I will try to do better — perhaps schedule certain ones to read in the morning, other in the afternoon, the rest in the evening.But I’m getting off topic. This was a good day for me to catch up with you so I could read your inspiring and meaningful life purpose statement and exciting plans. A resounding “GO FOR IT” for me to you.

  5. Katester says:

    >#1: Google Analytics . . . you’ll be able to track exactly how many readers are coming from where. :)#2: I am so proud of you! One day at a time, make the dream happen.

  6. >Congratulations on your new endeavor! Sounds so exciting, but yes, lots of hard work ahead. You can do it 🙂

  7. Miss Eliza says:

    >Oh, dear friends, thank you for the comments and the encouragement! It means the world, honestly.Elaine, I’ve been thinking about you – I’ll email you soon.

  8. >Fantastic idea. I’ll check it out and I’m sure I will use the site when I visit the Twin Cities.

  9. >Oh, and I also wanted to say that I really like your purpose/intention statement. I used to write statements for myself, and have gotten out of the habit. I don’t even remember what the statements used to be! I might borrow yours for awhile. It’s darn perfect (and I like that you included “myself”).

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