>the land of finally springtime


Does this say it all or what?!
(If you look closely you’ll see pretty painted toenails peeking out of those sandals!!)

A delectable day – Olive and I walked to the park in the sizzling sunshine, bag in tow (O has always had a penchant for picking up trash, so now we plan for it and clean up the neighborhood as we go). O discovered that she is a total adrenaline junkie, plowing down the big slides and swinging till my arms ached from pushing. She has no idea that she’s only 1 1/2, that one.

And I know this one is blurry, but it’s so sweet – that little fistful of the first flowers. She couldn’t resist picking them, and I couldn’t seem to say the words to make her stop. Neighbors beware – I’m a spineless sucker in the face of a fresh-picked bouquet from that little girl, so guard your beds!

Here is what will soon be my garden – or most of it will be mine, I should say (one of the members of our condo association doesn’t buy into the corporate veggie garden where I do all the work and they enjoy the spoils – we’ll see if he makes anything of his quarter of it this year). J jackhammered up a bunch more cement so we could expand – I think this more than doubles the size over last year. Hooray!

And look! My rhubarb has already peeked up through the ground – which only a short number of days ago was still frozen. It gave me a thrill like you wouldn’t believe to see it – even though this is only year two, so I won’t be able to harvest a blessed thing. Rats!

Here are the seeds I ordered from Seed Savers Exchange for this year:

  • bushy cucumber (for eating and pickling)
  • ringtung long eggplant
  • red russian kale
  • dwarf gray sugar peas
  • maules red hot pepper
  • black beauty zucchini
  • golden midget watermelon

I’ll also get my bell peppers (which will be caged in chicken wire this year to keep the *@^~#*! squirrels away from them), tomatoes and herbs from the garden co-op – all fun heirloom varieties. I’m hoping for Purple Cherokee tomatoes this year… fingers crossed!

To life!

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  1. Frances says:

    >Hope all is well.She is one cute little miss.Looking forward to veggie pics.

  2. >olive is the cutest, spunkiest lil’ thing out there!!! what an adorable photo…kudos to you for capturing that.& your garden plans…i cannot wait to see the progres 🙂

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