>pick up sticks

>Felting is scary, particularly when you have a commercial washer with no options for settings. It took three go-rounds through the washer agitation cycle before this beauty was churned out, and I’m not entirely certain that it doesn’t need one more. I knit this puppy up for a girlfriend as a housewarming gift for her swanky new apartment (out of the faboo book One Skein) – hope I didn’t ruin the surprise by posting about it, K!

But the other, more exciting thing is this – a pattern for a Swiffer cover. You just knit one (or a few) up and then you can use it, wash it, and reuse it – no more frittering money away on boxes upon boxes (which are altogether too expensive) of Swiffers. I found the pattern on this month’s email installment of Green Mom Finds – an incredibly cool thing. Did you know you can get paid for old yogurt containers, soda bottles and juice pouches? I kid you not. Go check it out here.

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  1. >Love the new look! So clean and springy 🙂

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