>A friend just sent me a link to a rather anti-Obama video. It was very obviously biased, and though what they cited as “facts” may be entirely true, they were only one side of a story, stacked to slant in an unfavorable way.

Their first point was that we should never elect someone with the name “Hussein” as president. It happens to be Barack Obama’s middle name.

And, honestly, this is sticking in my craw like nobody’s business. So what – only people with good “American” names like Bush, Clinton, Edwards, Kerry, Carter, Brown, Smith, Jones, Anderson can serve as president? Because that so accurately represents the American people?

Have they looked outside lately? Or perused a phone book? Or made up a roster of any sort? Because at least half the people in my address book have names that don’t sound like that. They’re Italian, Persian, Chinese, Hebrew. And it is terrible to think that none of them could be president, just because of their names.

Or is it just those with Middle Eastern names? Mohammed, Hussein, Abdul?

What kind of crazy prejudice is that – and how can anyone who espouses that view even mildly think that they’re trying to protect what America stands for?

As far as I remember, America stands for tolerance, acceptance, and the idea that anyone can be whatever they want here, as long as they’re willing to work for it. Bootstrap ethics. Not fear mongering and prejudice.

I don’t think Lady Liberty would fall over in the water if someone with the middle name Hussein was elected president. But she just might if the only reason he isn’t elected is because of his name.

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  1. not says:

    >Hear, hear!and, nicely put. Hopefully enough common sense will will out.

  2. >Hey Elle! I really appreciate you! Great thoughts. I have a friend who’s last name is Hussein. She was actually given a VERY hard time at the airport a few years after 9/11 because Saddam’s daughter was being looked for or something. I felt really bad for her. And, she’s actually Lebanese. Thanks for your thoughts.

  3. Elle says:

    >not – thanks for the encouragement! sarah – that just makes me sad. I understand the need for security and all, but the pervasive fear is just too much – it’s no way for any of us to live or to treat others. don’t you think?

  4. Anonymous says:

    >Amen, I am sick of all the lies about his heritage and his name. I would be pleased as punch if Obama were my son. His mother and grandparents must be so proud of him. I am not jealous because my own two sons are a lot like him and I can be equally proud.

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