>should I be embarrassed?

>Whilst eating this afternoon at a certain Mexican restaurant which shall remain nameless, I went to the hostess stand and snagged a copy of their cookbook to peruse. Back in our booth, the book sat in my lap so as to keep it from toddler spillage (besides the fact that our table was completely full). The recipe for one of my favorite things, a sweet corn concoction, appeared and I took out my planner to make a few notes about ingredients, figuring I could google it when I got home and find something similar.

“Are you going to buy that cookbook?” she had swooped in out of nowhere, and she was not our waitress.

“I’m thinking about it.”

“Well, if you’re not we can’t have you copying recipes.”

I dropped my pen and paper (which merely said 6 cups corn kernels) and continued flipping through the cookbook, now determined NOT to ever buy it.

J urged me to put it back, but I refused. I wanted to see the rest, make some more mental notes. I’m a passionate cook and foodie, after all.

In the car, he flipped. I had embarrassed him, had done something terribly unconventional. The extra notice other servers had given us was simply them all keeping tabs on me to make certain I wasn’t stealing – the book or the recipes. Never mind that our own waitress had come back and apologized for the harassment.

What do you think, friends? Is taking some notes wrong? Should I have ignored the presence of the cookbook, or just flipped through at the hostess stand? Was I in the wrong?

Oh, and here’s the recipe – the exact one – widely available after a simple google of “sweet corn tomalito.”

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5 Responses to >should I be embarrassed?

  1. Anonymous says:

    >Copying one recipe sounds ok to me. If you wanted all of them you’d have bought the book right ?I’d have probably asked them to photocopy it for me 😉

  2. mendacious says:

    >you’re right on the edge there. i think taking it to the table was a little bold but ultimately not a big deal. though when i used to work at borders it used to drive me nuts how people treated it like a library and clearly it was not and is a place of business. and the restaurant though perhaps uptight is trying to make money, precisely for the tasty things you go there for? though i understand it wouldn’t deter you from going again even if you could make everysingleone of their recipes.

  3. Elle says:

    >Anonymous – thanks for the thoughts. Maybe next time I’ll just ask for that photocopy!mendacious – I totally understand where you’re coming from. Next time I’ll go straight to google and just cross my fingers!

  4. >The waitress could have been nicer about it.

  5. Elle says:

    >I concur, teena. you catch more flies with honey… we probably won’t be back there for a loooong time. even if I did bring it on myself, she made us feel crummy about it.

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