>the pleasures of a late spring


freshly harvested peonies – a little touch of heaven
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5 Responses to >the pleasures of a late spring

  1. Frances says:

    >I love peonies.And again I have to say how much I love your new template.

  2. Elle says:

    >Thanks, Frances! Lissa did such a fabulous job. :)and yes, peonies – they just make my heart happy.

  3. Jenn says:


  4. not says:

    >Stunning!Mine are deep pink. I like white too. Might have to add one this year….when are we going to have coffee again???

  5. Elle says:

    >Thanks, ladies!! :)not – I have been meaning to call you forever now… school let out and I’m trying to temp till summer school starts (which has not been going well) and my MIL is here for three weeks… life has not been the best, all to say. But I will try to give you a buzz soon so we can figure something out.

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