>the kiddoes are kicking my arse

>…that’s why I’ve been missing in action for the last week. Here are some high(low?)lights:

  • water squirted directly into my face (at close range) – and then the darling child asked oh-so-innocently five minutes later, “Teacher, why are you all wet?”
  • boy stripping and streaking through the classroom
  • hit in the shin with a flying bicycle – which was aimed for me
  • chairs and toys hurled across the room
  • kicked, scratched and hit on a daily basis
  • window in the gym broken after being hit repeatedly with a plastic basketball hoop (on purpose, again)
  • putting shoes and socks back on one girl eight times in one day (two hours, actually)
  • the custodians deciding to varnish during school, giving us all headaches for the day (this one’s not the kids, but an added pain in the derrière)

I have war wounds from all this, see?

Four more days… that’s it. Just four more days to survive. Then I can fly off into the sunset (literally) on my way home to San Diego.

Until then – pray for me. Or send stiff drinks.

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2 Responses to >the kiddoes are kicking my arse

  1. >How about both?There’s free music over at St. Anthony Main tomorrow evening. A new orleans style jazz band. You should join me for an adult beverage.(Tell the hubster I’m afraid to call 😉 )

  2. Elle says:

    >Both sounds LOVELY!! Don’t be afraid to call – and hey, I’ll email you my cell so he can’t intercept you. :)Tonight’s his only night off so I’ll have to pass – but thanks for the invite!!

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