>which box should I check?


Thank you, Katie, for caring about my eternal soul – and for knowing that, although there’s this “Christian” label over you and me, we’re so not these people.

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4 Responses to >which box should I check?

  1. heather says:

    >makes my blood boil, that stuff. I sometimes want to keep my label a secret just so I won’t be seen as someone who came up with something like this. Just plain silliness…

  2. >Wow. Haven’t seen that one yet. Of course, there are differing theological opinions on that take on the whole thing. I’m with Heather though. Tired of being painted with that same brush. Uff da.

  3. Elle says:

    >Amen, heather! but amongst the blood boiling, it does give me a good laugh. ;)not – don’t even get me started on the theological issues here!kate – i like us, too. even better when we’re together. so…. next week??

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