>this could be the start of something big

>Here are my beautiful babies… on top of the kale, basil and Italian parsley we’ve been gobbling up. There are a few little green tomatoes hanging in a cluster and the zucchini and watermelons are ready to blossom, but these are my pride and joy at the moment:

Italian eggplant (still a chubby baby)
Chinese eggplant, almost fully ripe
A teensy, prickly cucumber
The first strawberry on my everbearing plant
(promised to Olive, of course)
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2 Responses to >this could be the start of something big

  1. mendacious says:

    >that eggplant is gnarly awesomeness. i heart growing things!

  2. Elle says:

    >Thanks!! I’m with you ojn that count!

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