>a new leaf

>After last night, rejoicing is coming to me in ways unexpected. Yes, I was (and am) an Obama supporter, and the moment he was announced as the 44th president of the United States was one which caught me weeping. But that is only the beginning.

As Olive and I stood outside Ben & Jerry’s slurping our deliciously free cones yesterday evening there was something in the air. The line wended around the sidewalk, down well past where we stood, and the sight of all these people lined up, sporting their red “I Voted” stickers, sent a thrill of electricity through me. I did not – could not – know the outcome at that moment, but I knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that we were on the verge of something. The precipice. The eve of a new day. And I, for one, was ready for the page to turn.

And as I reflect today, I am realizing that I like myself a whole lot better as I’ve known myself these last months. The one who posted the Wanted ad on her blog, who sported a political bumper sticker for the first time in her life, who found new ways to bless those at her school and new paths of hope for her own future. Despite the murmurings of those who thought me crazy for supporting the candidate I did, in spite of those who have thought me losing my faith and possibly my salvation for it, I stood up for what I believe in. I kept my ears and heart open and my heels from prying into any position. I entered into discussions which felt scary, and still do. It’s hard to be questioned for changing stances, for thinking differently. But I haven’t caved or cowed to the opinions of those people. I’ve respected them – and continued on, anyway.

This is a huge step for me.

I have never been one comfortable with the distance which comes from disagreement, particularly about something so charged as politics or religion (even worse, the two together!). But I’m learning, and that feels tremendous. I feel like I’ve grown wings and honey, I mean to use them.

Worry about me if you must.

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  1. >What a lovely post. I’ve struggled through these conversations myself. It’s hard when people are so certain that you must be confused or “lost.” But I too am finding it feels better to say what I really think. I don’t want to cower to the passionate conservatives around me. I can respect them, yes. But being ashamed of my own opinions has gotten quite old.

  2. >I LOVE it! I remember wanting to “rescue” you on the Facebook when you’d set your status to something about Obama and one of your friends would just blast you.And I would resist, but come back a little while later and you had said something gentle but firm that said you were not going to cave on your convictions. I’m so happy you have figured this out so soon in your life!!!! Yay!!!!!!

  3. gabe's girl says:

    >I do not know why people get so hateful with political differeces. Different ideas can be very healthy. I am the only conservative in my group of very liberal friends. We are so close that I could not imagine us being petty over what makes us, us. Keep your chin up. Americans are tough creatures no matter what. And voicing our difference without punishment and exile is what the founding fathers wanted.

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