>I made a profit off the deal

>I am an avid Freecycler, offering and receiving items in a frenzied joy of efficiency. This time a posting for a wooden refrigerator piqued my interest, and Olive and I ventured to a home nearby to gather this treasure for her room.

This lovely woman had the most adorable, precocious little boy I have ever met and he won my heart instantly. Well – it didn’t hurt that, after asking Olive’s name, he said “She’s really cute.”

Elliott helped me to the car with the humongous parcel and played Tetris with me to get it settled into the passenger seat. Then I heard him saying, “Obama Biden, that’s great,” in reference to my MoveOn produced bumper sticker.

“At least we know it’s going to a good home,” his mother said with a laugh.

They waved us off and I left with a full car and a full heart.

Blessed are the generous, and those who can graciously receive.

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2 Responses to >I made a profit off the deal

  1. Frances says:

    >I recently joined a Freecycle Group – I have a ton of stuff to pass on because we’re having some work done in our apartment.Sending good vibes to you and yours.Frances

  2. Karina says:

    >I’ve been a member of my local Freecycle group for ages, but to be honest, have yet to take and/or offer anything. I have TONS of stuff to offer too, just haven’t gotten around to doing it yet. One of these days!By the way, we’re partnered up for Lissa’s holiday give-away/swap, can you send me your email address so we can exchange information? Mine is candidkarina at g mail dot comThanks!

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