>a parent would’ve known

I look back – she’s asleep. Of course she’s asleep. Because we’re there and it’s time to get out of the car.

Of course, I know better than to wake a sleeping toddler.

I lay the seat back, curl up, and lay down my head. Isn’t that what they always say? Sleep when they sleep?

There’s a knock at the window.

A security guard. Who has woken us both up. Because someone reported to him that there were people sleeping in a car in the parking lot.

She fell asleep, I say, and I didn’t want to wake her. I was waiting for her to wake up to go in. So I napped, too.

Oh, okay, he says with a smile. I’m sorry….I just had to check.

Later, inside the bank, he apologizes profusely for waking her up. I know how it is, he says.

Oh, if only the person who reported us did.

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7 Responses to >a parent would’ve known

  1. >If I saw a mom and daughter sleeping in a car I would say, “isn’t that the sweetest thing.” Or, “wow, they needed a nap.” NOT, “Oh. I should call the authorities.” SHEESH.

  2. Elle says:

    >Exactly. What were they thinking?

  3. Gabe's Girl says:

    >What a great mommy you are to sleep in the car with the baby! I would not have reported it. Now, people like my cranky next door neighbors would have!

  4. Skye says:

    >If he really knew how it was, he wouldn’t have woken you up when he saw what was going on!

  5. Frances says:

    >Had a friend with four kids – all about 18 months apart – waking up them up would have gotten that security guard “Chuck Norrised” LOLSending good vibes from New York

  6. Katester says:

    >I haven’t been commenting much (okay, at all), but I think you’re brilliant and you should never ever ever ever ever give this up. Ever.

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