>making spring

>After a horrendous weekend of illness, car wrecks, inches of snow and below freezing temperatures, I was over it. It’s time. I don’t care if it’s February – IT. IS. TIME. FOR. SPRING.

So today I went about creating it.

I wore a bright orange patterned shirt that screams sunshine and poppies (but not in a creepy Wizard of Oz poppies-will-make-you-sleep way). Short sleeved, even. And I was rewarded with a nice, above-freezing day (that’s all I’m asking for, people).

I put on Carole King and danced around with Olive, and then we did watercolors while singing.

I created a font in my own handwriting (thank you, Katie!) – so if you ever wanted to know what these posts would look like if I wasn’t typing – here you go.

I rejoiced yet again that Southwest will be flying in to Minneapolis starting in March. Hello, friends. Did I mention that the promo says $49 one way? That’s less than $100 round trip…..

I watched President Obama speak (God, I love that man) while Olive ran around chirping “obama, obama, obama”… after I reminded her that his name isn’t “tu mama.”

(Oh, and Congress? Thanks for those 57 policemen. We need them here.)

And as I cried while watching, she came over to me and said, “Don’t be sad, Mama. You’re a good mama, and I love you all the time.”

That’ll do.

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5 Responses to >making spring

  1. >Coming over from BlogStalker–from one MN girl to another! I’ve loved reading your blog and can’t agree with you more about Obama! : )

  2. >Oh Olive, you sweet little lady. You DO have a very good mama! Elle, you make spring very well. 🙂

  3. >Coming over from BlogStalker too. I agree, I am so ready for spring!

  4. Fiauna says:

    >Stalking in from BSU to say, “Come on spring.”

  5. Katester says:

    >This is so great. I needed this post today.

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