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>I got an email from MomsRising today asking me to petition my Congresspeople about paid family leave. This is something close to my heart because our decisions about adding another little one to our family have been completely about this very issue: if I am not paid for the time off, how can we survive? My last job allowed me to string together the 3 months’ worth through vacation, personal time, and short term disability. The school district offers no such opportunity (shame on you!!), and I barely get enough vacation to cover the spring and Christmas breaks. If I take maternity leave, I will have a job when I come back but I am on my own for those three months. And I simply will not go back to work earlier than three months after the kiddo’s arrival. So.

Here is some info from their site:

  • Having a baby is a leading cause of “poverty spells” in the U.S. — when income dips below what’s needed for basic living expenses.
  • In the U.S., 49% of mothers cobble together paid leave following childbirth by using sick days, vacation days, disability leave, and maternity leave.
  • 51% of new mothers lack any paid leave — so some take unpaid leave, some quit, some even lose their jobs.
  • The U.S is one of only 4 countries that doesn’t offer paid leave to new mothers — the others are Papua New Guinea, Swaziland, and Lesotho.
  • Paid family leave has been shown to reduce infant mortality by as much as 20% (and the U.S. ranks a low 37th of all countries in infant mortality).

If this resonates with you, please follow this link and send a message to your Congressperson.

And in advance… thank you. From me and the little one.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    >elle. i just checked this out…so cool!!! xoxox. amie

  2. Julie O. says:

    >Papua New Guinea, by the way, is a place where wife abuse is common. Just taught that in my "Homicide & Suicide" class today at UCI. The women there commit suicide as revenge against their abusive husbands (well at least this is what they did 50 years ago). By the way, thanks for letting me read your blog. I enjoy. And, I really do hope the big one never shakes you. No matter how bad the day is, someone else has it worse. And no matter how bad the day, we've always got our precious girls to cuddle and make us smile 🙂 Julie O.

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