>where I’ve been

>I know. I’ve disappeared. And all three of you have been highly disappointed. But here is where I’ve been, and with my deepest apologies I pledge from here on out to post at least thrice weekly. At least, once my house is free of out-of-towners. It’s so hard to focus on anything but my family when they’re here for our once-yearly visit. I’m sure you understand. And oh, did I mention that they come one at a time? Yep, nearly two whole months straight of houseguests in our little teeny condo – and it’s glorious. So can you blame me?

Olive & her grandpa at the Como Zoo

Watching the fishies at the conservatory

Freaking out at Chuck E Cheese

Watching hundreds of caterpillars by Minnehaha Falls
Me & my lovely mom
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4 Responses to >where I’ve been

  1. >Great pics, lady. Welcome back! You’ve been missed, of course.

  2. Thorne says:

    >Happy family goodness! Stopping in to share some SheWhoBlogs sistah love!Peace.

  3. Frances says:

    >Oh gee you and your mom look just alike – so pretty.Look forward to more updates.

  4. >I was just thinking how alike your mom and you look. What lovely ladies you are. I hope to see you again some day Lizzie.

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