>write before you surf

>I committed the cardinal sin of writing this morning: I looked at the internet first. I sat down at the computer in a quiet house, pulled up my document, noticed an open MSN window, decided to just have a peek, and… when I tried to get back to that article, it was kaput. I lost my mojo – the Muse flew off feeling ignored while I read about Michael Jackson and now I can’t seem to coerce her into coming back. Every sentence sounds rote, informational, stale. One peek at MSNBC and the whole of life came crashing back down on my fresh and open little psyche. I can’t unweight it… my mind is whirling with images of Thriller, Iran, and what I’m making for dinner. I guess I’ll just have to bank on my 4:30am date with insomnia to make me new again.

Word to the wise: write before you surf.

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2 Responses to >write before you surf

  1. Frances says:

    >Oh you are so right.That's why I bought a separate little gizmo for my writing that doesn't hook up to the net.

  2. Lori says:

    >that's always my rule – i can take zero distraction!

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