>back and ready to roll

>The summer I had thought to spend honing in on my blog has largely passed, and with hardly any blogging. Our computer officially gave up the ghost at the end of June (it made an ominous ticking sound when I tried to start it and simply wouldn’t do anything) and we’re just now getting back online. I lost my Sage reader and am trying to figure out how to track all the lovely blogs I read (thank heavens for Foxmarks – at least I didn’t lose all the sites!). It’s amazing to me how sad I was not to be able to get online, and then what a re-orientation process it’s been being here again. I definitely feel like it’s simplified my approach – I’ve remembered what I do when I’m not here!

All to say, here I am. And I’m not going anywhere.

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  1. >It's good to take a break to remember what you do when not online…but it's also nice to have you back 🙂

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