>my name in print!

>There’s a delightful little magazine called My Hometown that is geared for those lovely San Diegans who live in the South Bay (hello to any of you who are visiting from there!!). Believe it or not, this Minnesota girl has an article in there this month, and I am very proud. Hope you enjoy perusing the issue (you ARE going over there, aren’t you?) and if you’re looking… you’ll find me on page 24.

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2 Responses to >my name in print!

  1. Katester says:

    >Congrats! That's so awesome . . . and one question:Show choir?

  2. Elle says:

    >Ha! What's funny is that, in the original article I wrote, the words "show choir" were followed by (I know, I KNOW). They were edited out – but I so anticipated that reaction.But yes, I was in show choir – and we were BAD ASS. So there.

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