>of wishes and longings

>I firmly believe that when there’s a message that needs to get to you, the universe conspires to make it absolutely, painfully, blatantly clear. Strange little coincidences – like the same theme or sentiment in a card someone sends you, the book you pick up to read, magazine articles you read in waiting rooms, your conversation with a friend, and your fortune cookie fortune. It doesn’t happen to me often but when it does, it’s big.


That’s what’s been blaring in my ears the last week or two, from all sources and in every way. And, oddly enough (wink, wink), I had just recently started a list in my journal of all the things I want, big and small. Lemme share.

  • a really, really good-fitting pair of jeans.
  • about five more inches of hair (I haven’t told you my awful hair-cutting story? Oh, I will.)
  • a netbook. This one, to be particular.
  • some solitude.
  • more time with my parents.
  • to hear some really good live music.
  • Starbucks’ prices to go down.
  • a black pencil skirt.
  • to be financially secure.
  • the laundry to be done.
  • more opportunities to write.
  • Olive sleeping on her own with no problems.
  • more readers & commenters on this here blog.
  • my tomatoes to finally ripen.
  • a carne asada burrito.
  • better posture.
  • my girlfriends to move onto my street.
  • to be a full-time writer.
  • to find a community to plug myself happily into.
  • Jeff and I to be able to work the same schedule, rather than opposites.
  • my kitchen remodeled.

That’s all I have written down so far, though I know there’s more. I’ll keep compiling.

But the other thing the wide world of divinity has been attaching to this whole dream thing is the book, The Artist’s Way. I had bought the book years and years ago and just recently pulled it from the bookshelf to peruse – and then suddenly, everyone, everywhere was talking about it. About working it in community. And so…

I want to start a group to work through it together.

Meet once a week, go through the book or the workbook or both – it’s supposed to be a 12 week study. I don’t rightfully know where to begin, so here’s my plea – if you know any Twin Citians who might want to do such a thing – or maybe you are one? – let me know, or let them know to look here and email me at confessionsofanovice at gmail dot com. Because I’m ready to embark.

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7 Responses to >of wishes and longings

  1. >wow.Just yesterday I looked up on my shelf at my copy of this book and thought I should flip through it again.But I just don't know if I can add one more thing to my plate right now. I'm at critical mass. But what often happens when I'm at this point is that something indeed breaks open. So, keep me in mind and in the loop on how this group develops. Could very well be that I'm in.

  2. Elle says:

    >That would be lovely… I hope your schedule opens up not just for this but for some breathing room. Miss you, friend.

  3. >This is totally intriguing to me. Keep me in the loop too.And I'm so sorry I haven't responded to your message!!! I actually got it much later than you actually left it (my phone does weird things sometimes, holding back on it's treasures). BUT, I will give you some info. by email or call tomorrow. The pics in my house are by someone who moved away ): But I have other ideas…

  4. Elle says:

    >No worries, Heather – I know you well enough to know that you had a good reason! ;)I would so love it if you would join us!

  5. Skye says:

    >I'm not sure I count as "more" commenters because I can't remember whether I've commented before. But here is my contribution to more comments, at least!

  6. Shannon says:

    >hi! i've made a similar list lately and seems we have some common wishes…my girlfriends to move onto my street, to find a community to plug myself happily into, to be financially secure, a carne asada burrito. 🙂 i'm wondering if some of those things don't mean creating for myself a home away from what has always been home. your move to another state (and subsequent happiness)are an inspiration for me. 🙂 i'm on the right track living with my true love…now i just need to build the rest of my community. thanks for sharing your words and thoughts…i'm an avid reader if not commenter. :)have a wonderful day!shannon

  7. Frances says:

    >Just posted my latest date at my new blog with a link to Cameron's website.Awesome stuff.

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