• Inspired by this post on one of my favorite blogs I have decided to attempt to go shampoo free. No, I had never even HEARD of this idea before reading that post, but really…. why not? So…. my first shampoo-free wash (yesterday) was delightful. My hair air-dried beautifully and I was nuts over it. Today, without washing again, it’s doing some little flippy things I don’t like – but let’s be honest, it did those things before. More updates to follow as I endeavor to be ‘poo free (I just like saying that).
  • On the same note, tonight I will try washing my face with oil. For an oily skinned gal this is a particularly daunting idea, but I’m intrigued. And again, why not?
  • This is one of my favorite new recipes. Easy, yummy, good at any temperature. I plan to use it to wow people at my next potluck, whenever that may be.
  • There’s a lovely yeasty smell about my home right now (accented by a burning rosemary scented candle) and I have to share why. My breadmaker is churning away pizza dough. Here’s the recipe: 1 1/2 cups very hot water, 2 tsp yeast, 2 tsp sugar, 1 tsp salt, 3 1/4 cups flour. Set it to the dough setting and go about your business. In an hour and a half (that’s about how long it’ll take to finish), spill it out onto flour and turn it till it’s not sticky anymore. Place on a greased cookie sheet, and pull to fill the whole sheet. Cover with toppings (I use a small can of tomato sauce, some spices, a pound of shredded mozzarella and some pepperoni most nights) and plunk in a 400 degree over for 16-20 minutes. It’s heavenly.
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  1. Julie O. says:

    >I'm curious, How's the no-shampoo going?While I definitely wouldn't go the baking soda/vinegar route (too harsh, I use those things to clean my house), I use minimal shampoo & conditioner (an organic kind) twice a week and my hair's never been healthier. I must admit it took years to adjust to the twice-a-week routine and lots of time weaning off of heavy shampoo/conditioner. I can't ever go back to the name brands I used to love (pantene, finesse).Julie O.

  2. Elle says:

    >So far I'm really liking it! I've been, like you, using organic stuff and shampooing only every 2nd or 3rd day (like you) for a long while now and this has worked out well. My hair is getting oily a little faster than it used to, but everyone says that's normal so I'm waiting it out. If I have to go back to my shampoo, that's okay – we'll see! Oh, and I use only a touch of the vinegar – but my mom taught me to do that when I was younger as a rinse to make my hair shiny. Who knew?Hope you're well, friend!

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