>welcome back

>Well, since my resolution mentioned nothing about how much I was to blog, the fact that I’m here again (after quite a hiatus) means I’m living up to it. No legalism here, folks.

I always show up again with trepidation – how do I break a month and a half’s silence? Should I apologize, should I ignore the break and just post some [hopefully] witty content, should I even bother at all or is the hiatus a sign that my time here is up? I’m never sure. BUT, for the first time in the history of this blog, someone has told me they miss me posting here and in honor of that I restart with a little love note, of sorts – completely apropos given the Valentiney time I find myself in. The first installment of my Valentine note to some amazing ladies:

Here’s a little love to the beautiful, nurturing mother hen/cheerleader of our fierce She Who Blogs group, Frances. She is a woman who continually inspires me, who reminds me of the beauty in myself, and who seems to find more hours and experiences in each moment of life than I ever believed possible. Frances, you are a wonder.

There are few women I can be more myself with than with my darling friend Katie, and today I am reminded what kindreds we are as read her post about having a crush on monsieur e.e. cummings (who I myself have adored with a strange passion for all too long). Katie is the type of person I can call when I forget myself and be reminded, and she completely understands girl crushes and irreverent religious humour (how priceless is that?). Read her “About Me” section on her website (you’ll have to download the pdf of her rates) and you will see exactly why I adore her so. Kate is the bravest person I’ve ever known and when I need a kick in the arse to get my little self going, one thought of her will do it (though yes, I know that it always looks braver from the outside of a life). One day Jeffery and I will lure her out to visit and then hold her captive and never let her go. K, be warned.

My friend Kendra is someone unusually dear to my heart, for reasons I’m not sure I can articulate. We’ve been near-miss friends for years – with dear friends in common, in the same groups and adventures, circling each other but yet not ever quite close. At least, not as close as I think we ought to have been or certainly as close as I’d like to be. I take this fact as a count against me (because I think I’m the one who’s created the distance) but I want to publicly state that I think she is an amazing individual and I have my fingers crossed that one day the near-miss will become a crash and we’ll end up with lives intertwined.

One last one for today – another almost-friend, Leeana. Lee and I overlapped our time in San Diego by a bit and I always wished we’d had more time to get to know one another. Today I discovered her blog and was enamored by this beautiful woman and her easy way with words.. please go check it out. You won’t be disappointed.

And, with all that, here’s a little something for your eyes to enjoy. Our USB ports have been out since August, which meant not a single picture had been uploaded since then. Here are some favorite shots from the great Photo Rediscovery of 2010:

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3 Responses to >welcome back

  1. Frances D says:

    >Look forward to posting about your return in the upcoming Found While Bloghopping which now appears at the group site. Thank you for the wonderful tribute. Waving at you from New York, Frances

  2. Katester says:

    >Ah, Ellster. You make my heart melt.

  3. >Totally overwhelmed by this post. Please don't think that it was you who put the distance between us, I have always been intimidated by your confidence and your faith. I, too, hope that one day our worlds will finally collide so that we can have the type of friendship I think God intended us to have!! Thank you so much!

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