>go home gorgeous

>I was a very nervous pregnant woman, and labor & delivery freaked me out no end – as my hub (and previous blog entries) can attest. So when I read about Go Home Gorgeous I thought Man, maybe that would’ve helped me calm down a bit. Because the thought of a massage afterward might’ve given me just the bit of something I needed to hang onto my sanity. Or to try to, anyway. Here’s the idea, which I think is brilliant:

  • You go into labor somewhere in the Twin Cities.
  • You deliver the baby at a hospital (any local hospital).
  • Some lovely person comes to your room to give you a massage, replete with aromatherapy, soft music, and low lighting.
  • You feel tons and tons better.

It’s beyond brilliant, right? They have full body massages, foot massages, shoulder & neck massages… and the kicker? In-home massages for after you get home that are meant to help you sleep (assuming someone else can feed & watch the baby for a few hours so you can actually enjoy the effects). All I have to say is MAH-VE-LOUS. It almost makes me want to have kiddo #2. Well, maybe not.

Now I have to say that the prices gave me a bit of pause BUT – and this is a big one – this might be about the best shower/new mom gift anyone could ever give. If my coworkers had chipped in to give me one of these I would’ve been over the moon… and that is exactly what I’ll be suggesting for the next lady I know who’s preggers. Massages range from $60-199, so it’s affordable if you all pitch in. And if you ever do it for me? I’ll kiss you.

Note: I was not paid in any way – goods or services – for this post.

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