>moving forward

>You lovely, lovely people always know how to bring me some clarity when I really need it. Love & kisses to everyone who weighed in on my life-calling dilemma… my dear old friend Chris – who sent me the link to that job posting in the first place – pretty much told me I had to apply for it, offered to help me with my resume and such, so… here I go. As soon as all the ducks are in a row (soon). And well, we’ll see. Sometimes, as a wise woman recently said to me, it’s just nice to know that jobs like that exist – that somewhere there is a place where I could be paid to do exactly something wonderful. There’s hope in that alone.

And, though my current position is one that I enjoy, it’s also one I think I will be giving up shortly. How shortly? Dunno. Shorter than a few years. Maybe even shorter than that.

As soon as the right next thing shows up.

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