>opening pandora’s box

>Ever since the newest car came into my possession with only a tape deck to its name I’ve been a little bereft. The car was my music time, my relaxing time, the moments when I got to let loose and give my latent pop star a chance to perform. For some reason our home has never been a big radio place – we keep it quiet more often than not (or we’re hearing some Disney film from the TV… sigh). And though while driving I love my Cities 97, it is a little limited in terms of music – I miss my CDs. I, little miss singing-round-the-clock, started-as-a-music-major-in-college, had no soundtrack.

Yesterday I opened Pandora, and within 24 hours I am utterly and completely hooked. Just now I heard Norah Jones sing “The Nearness of You” and I was swept up – back to the moment I discovered her, on a transatlantic flight from Johannesburg to Atlanta – 18 hours of stuckness in one teeny tiny person-locked seat, and finding her (then brand new) CD on the music station was an epiphany. I sank into the melodies, felt my body relax and drifted off to dream of African villages and San Diego sunsets. I had that CD playing on my headphones for 10 hours straight. It helped me cross over. Hearing it again tonight, reliving that, made me want to weep.

Pandora, I think the box you opened was me.

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  2. >Beautiful post, Elle! Thanks for sharing your world in such a creative and captivating way.Kristi

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