>name change

>Perhaps you’ve noticed that things are looking a little different around here. No more fancy headline (though I probably will work on getting a new one of those). A new address, new name – all of which entailed a lot more work than I anticipated, truly. To be honest, I did it on a lark. Really. I’d been feeling rather drudgy about the Confessions of a Novice moniker for a while. When I started it was a nice statement about how I felt about the world – like there is always so much more to learn and do that, really, we’re all doomed to perpetual novicedom – and that’s beautiful and hopeful and lovely because it holds so many possibilities and open doorways in it. Lately, though, having my name permanently attached to the word “novice” has made me feel like I’m playing myself small, not standing in my own power (as I’m so excited to learn to do in the next few weeks with magpie girl). And as I signed off a note wishing the birthday girl “all things bright and beautiful,” as I so often do, I thought about how exciting that phrase is to me – how it’s a refrain that I’ve echoed through my life for a long time. It encapsulates all my hopes and dreams and the glory of the every day itty-bitty, too. It can hold my thoughts on life and love, my joy in food and garden, the beauty of the world around me – which is all I want this blog to hold and it didn’t seem to before. I have ideas and aspirations for this place, friends, and this felt like the way to initiate it. Though, as I mentioned, it has had some rather frustrating repurcussions – I had no idea that every previous link to my blog would be rendered absolutely dead. Ah, well. It’ll work itself out, I think. And, as ever, turn into something beautiful.

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5 Responses to >name change

  1. >Beautiful new place, my dear! Hope to be around more as I settle back in to a routine. Pax, NFH

  2. Frances says:

    >Hi – it's good to shake things up a bit once in a while. Love the name – amazed it was available – but then again it was waiting for you :)Waving at you from New York

  3. Bonnie says:

    >Hi! I'm a new fan of yours and just added your blog to my list of Minnesota Blogs I like to follow…..and wanted you to know that when I saved it, blogger was still calling it "Confessions of a Novice." And I do like your new name very much! ~Bonnie of "The Fragile X Files"

  4. >Hi Elle. I'm so glad our mutual friend Heather (of the EO) linked to your blog, because it made it easy for me to find you. I know our introduction at the MN Bloggers Conference was short (read: baby needed to eat), but it sounds like we run in similar circles. And we could probably trade stories. I lived in SoCal for almost 10 years when we were first married.Are you on Twitter? And are you setting up a feed for the new blog? When I try to subscribe, I get an error message.

  5. From Tracie says:

    >I made my way over here via Heather of the EO. I love the new name. It made me smile the first time I read it and I just knew I had to click that link! =)

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