>a beautiful day in the neighborhood


There is nothing so delightfully magnificent as the trees slowly going up in flame. It makes me catch my breath.

That’s what I posted yesterday on Facebook, and to my amusement some of my Californian friends actually thought there was a fire somewhere nearby. I’m still smirking about it to myself, actually. Ha!

What I meant, of course, in my overly-poeticized way, was that all the leaves were changing to the gorgeous fire hues of autumn. And I am absolutely enraptured.

I mean, look at these – how can you not be? I took these photos today while walking/driving around my neighborhood (don’t worry, I stopped the car before I cracked out the camera – one accident a decade is enough). Just everyday scenes, things I see all the time, made amazingly breathtaking by the changing of the seasons.

It’s like magic.

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  1. From Tracie says:

    >SO beautiful! It does my "lives too far south" heart good to see these wonderful fire-y trees!

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