>lovely lovely Sunday


Beautiful scenery, cute animals, hay bales (remember how I love those?), honey sticks, cider, pumpkins!!, a tractor ride… ahhhhh. Lovely. And then a trip to the Malt Shop for the hub’s birthday (and believe it or not, I decided to forego the malt. Crazy, isn’t it?) – replete with melted ham & swiss on rye – HEAVEN. We came home to some drama – the garage of the house behind ours had exploded (!) and there were fire trucks everywhere, not to mention smoke throughout our house – but as I keep reminding Olive, no one was hurt and every house was fine so all in all, not so bad. And then little miss and I went to our neighbors’ house to get some last use out of the jumpy Walker had at his birthday party yesterday and we ended up spending the entire afternoon/evening visiting and chatting. Have I mentioned before what awesome neighbors we have?

An absolutely fantastic, mostly idyllic Sunday. Yum.
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  1. Bonnie says:

    >Beautiful pictures, beautiful family! Great neighbors are the sweetest spices of life, aren't they?

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