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I’ve been mulling over here, sorting, praying, breathing deep. Trying to get in tune with what my lovely friend Heather calls my heart-gut. There’s been all sorts of excitement, developments, things to ponder. Here are a few of them:
  • Last night I went to (is that the right wording?) my first twitter party, courtesy of The Blog Frog’s Twin Cities Family Community. It was amazingly cool (especially once the lovely Molly helped get me onto TweetGrid) and so much fun – especially in the midst of a crazy windstorm all us Minnesotans could commiserate about. I’d been off twitter for a few days for a variety of reasons and this reminded me what I love about the medium, what fun and connection can be had on the internets when people share themselves, their time, and their lives.
  • A new opportunity for work, beyond what I already do, has emerged. Exciting and not something I can talk about much, but it has my mind whirling. And it has me hopeful – for finances, for creativity, for change.
  • Maggie Whitley Gussy SewsHave you met Gussy? If not, you really really should. Last week Maggie and I realized that we live in the same neighborhood – about 5 blocks from each other! Olive and I took a walk over to meet her new puppy, Bauer (SO.STINKING.CUTE.) and it was funny – I walked up to her door and RECOGNIZED it (because I’d seen it on her blog, if you’re not tracking with my randomness)… and her living room and studio and…and…and. Surreal. But beyond that, she is super sweet and fun and I’m so glad that she’s someone I might bump into – definitely intentionally and maybe sometimes not – at the coffee shop, gas station and grocery store.
  • Been battling the green-eyed monster just a bit. I haven’t mentioned it here yet, but the hubs and I have been trying for Strike 2 for a few months. I had a very early miscarriage in September and it sunk in then just how very badly I want to be preggers. And so it seems everyone else is…. and though it’s very early at this point I have a little niggling thought that just maybe, I think perhaps, I might be…. I’m trying to hold it lightly.
  • My donut party on Sunday – what a lovely bit of light that was! Olive unfortunately was stomach sick the night before and not quite herself that morning; we let everyone know so they could make the decision to come or not when there might be germies flying about. A number of people opted out (understandably!) but it still was a full, bustling afternoon and I went through two entire batches of dough. I absolutely love seeing people from different parts of my life intermingle – it’s so fun to connect the dots and get a more full picture of who fills my heart, and to see myself and our family through the reflection of those we love.  Happy sigh. Unfortunately, the party was followed by another bout of sickness for Olive.
  • Can you believe I did not take a single picture at the party? I’m so kicking myself right now.
  • And did I mention the Target burning incident? No? Wednesday night I was at SuperTarget picking out a rotisserie chicken with Olive when her fingers slipped and she touched the heating pad beneath them. This resulted in instant blood-curdling screaming and 2nd degree blistered burns on her left hand, drama at the Target Clinic and meeting with the manager as all of Richfield, Minnesota heard my daughter shrieking and watched me silently sobbing because I couldn’t stop her pain. Is there anything worse as a mother than your child being hurt and being utterly powerless to help? I think not. I would, however, like to publicly thank the doctor at the clinic who dropped everything to help and then called me at home later that night just to check up and empathize. You are an amazing angel, honey, and I thank you from the bottom of my little fuzzy heart.
  • And, though I’ve been quiet here, I have been tinkering. You might have noticed there are pages now listed beneath my masthead – I’ve been organizing and streamlining and trying to clear out my sidebar, which feels so good… I’m working on an “About Me” page to add to it and I am feeling so darn proud of myself and my efforts. I love clean, uncluttered spaces that are bright and inviting, so I’m working so hard to design one. These are big deal things for me – cleaning and accomplishing tech stuff! You have no idea… I’m puffing up my chest with pride as I type about it!
There, now- just sharing all that has made my little brain feel clean, uncluttered and more inviting… more to come soon, sweet peas.
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4 Responses to >catching up

  1. Bonnie says:

    >Love your blog, love it all! And sorry to hear about your daughter's troubles. I do know the pain of not being able to cure their pain.

  2. >I always just want to fix it. I'm sorry Olive is hurting. And I'm hopeful that your niggling is niggling :)And I wish I could make it to a donut party one of these years!

  3. Gussy says:

    >hey! when can we bump into each other again? :]

  4. darcie says:

    >oh, Poor Olive!I hope she's feeling better!xoxoxoox

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