Casey, photographer


How gorgeous is this photo of my little Olivegirl?
And these?
These were taken by my sweet friend Casey, who always has the most delightful pictures on her blog. And you can tell here that she not only makes beautiful pictures, she makes beautiful girls, too! Three elfin little ladies who are ever so much fun (Ellie is above with Olive, and Kathryn is the one spinning).
Casey makes me want to take up photography… other than I already have too many things I love to do and I promised myself my next new hobby would be sewing. Plus, non point-and-shoot cameras are expensive and have waaaaaay too many buttons. So for now I’ll just keep admiring hers.
And look! She got donut pictures! Here’s one of them in the fryer, freshly made. Making my mouth water just looking at them.
And here’s me, in my traditional apron – I crack it out every year for this party. I mean to wear it other times but it never seems to happen – maybe it’s a ceremonial pumpkin donut making apron.
Casey, you rock!
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  1. >Ah you're too kind- the trick is a nice camera and cute models like Olive! Thanks again for the donuts- YUM!

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