daily bread 3/28/11

Small shells with peas, on my kitchen cart
So, folks, here is a new thing I’ve been wanting to do for a while – post weekly menus so you can see all the yummy things I’ve been cooking up over here and try them yourself. Because really, is there anything better than finding (or creating) something fabulously delicious and then sharing it with people you love? I don’t think so. So, I’ll give you the links to the recipes with notes from my own cooking (things I substituted, did differently, would change next time) and if it’s my own recipe I’ll share pics and thoughts. Sound good?

Here goes:

  • Stroganoff Pie – super rich and yummy, we discovered it was better with some veggies added (peas and spinach were our choices – side dishes we just smashed into the pie) to cut the heaviness of the beef and cream cheese. This recipe would be great for a potluck or having people over – one 8×8 pie fed us for nearly 3 straight days!
  • Wild Rice Stuffed Peppers – these are delicious and I have to honestly state that with a lot of filling left over after putting the peppers in the oven I couldn’t stop eating – which meant I was too full for a pepper when they were ready. But mmmmm. Oh, and I am cheap about wild rice so I bought a box of Uncle Ben’s brown & wild rice and made it up without the seasoning packet – worked like a charm.
  • Vietnamese-Style Banh Mi Burgers – I am a banh mi addict and these, I have to say, are pretty fabulous. I tend to go overboard with the veggies on mine but the burger held up to it. My one switcheroo is using sri racha instead of Tabasco – it feels more authentic to me and I prefer the taste.
  • White Pizza with Shrimp on Naan – supremely simple, I made this after my weekly grocery store run when I’m wiped and want something quick & easy, and it fit the bill perfectly. I used asiago parmesan naan bread (from Target, of all places!) and it was delish.
  • Small Shells with Peas – easy to prepare and perfect comfort food (which was just what the Dr. ordered for a morning-sickness ridden day). I didn’t expect that the meal would end up almost stew-like, but it was marvelous.
  • Kentucky Butter Cake – this recipe kept showing up in my Facebook ads and I finally had to try it. It is almost unbearably rich – next time I would omit the sauce and just make it as a plain bundt. My cake wouldn’t come out and we ended up eating it in handfuls plucked straight from the upside-down pan – which feels decadent and naughty and is awfully fun (for adults and 4 1/2 year olds alike).

Let me know if you cook any of these yummies up – I’d love to hear your thoughts and adaptations and all your good ideas! And please leave comments for the marvelous men & women who came up with the recipes… what gifts!

Oh, and need help organizing your recipes? I was always the one with a HUGE bookmark list of things I wanted to try and my new lifesaving tool has been Plan to Eat, a site that lets you import recipes from all over the web (and add in your own), share recipes with friends, plan your menus – and my absolute favorite feature, it automatically generates your shopping list from your menu! You can try it free for a month (it has a very small fee after that)… please “friend” me if you do!

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  1. Galit Breen says:

    >Ohmygoodness honey! Y'all eat well over there!! YUM!! I'm so glad you're sharing these delish eats! XO

  2. CM says:

    >Small shells with peas…I clicked over and read the recipe. So easy, I could even make it! Yum!

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