daily bread 4/13/2011

And here it is, folks, the second installment! There’s been a lot of non-cooking going on around here as we’ve had friends and family in from out of town and we’ve been trying out the fabulous fare of these Twin Cities (like Sunstreet Breads! A favorite new find… their Southern Fried Biscuit is heaven on earth). So the kitchen’s been a little slow… not because I don’t love to cook for the people I love but because it’s so darn fun to try out all there is to eat and to be served for a little while – so we have more time to chat. Y’all know how I love to chat.

But, on to the recipes…

  • Korean-Style Beef Skewers with Rice Noodles – this recipe was so good that Jeff & I ate nearly all of it – despite the fact that the rice noodles I had bought mysteriously disappeared between the checkout and my kitchen and we were eating the meat with (cough, cough) mashed potatoes. A bit of my hubby’s inventiveness, I suppose – I wasn’t nuts on the combination, but I went with it. It’s not exactly grilling season in these here parts yet, so I cut the strips into bite-sized pieces and quickly sauteed them and it was nearly impossible to quit eating. This will be on the menu again SOON.
  • Orzo with Zucchini, Feta & Tomatoes – This is a recipe I adapted long ago from a Cooking Light magazine – it’s my go-to for potlucks, showers and just about anything else. It cooks up fast, is light & satisfying, and can be eaten at any temperature. I know, there needs to be a picture with this – one day when we don’t scarf it down too fast I’ll capture one.
  • Spaghetti Pie – I don’t know where this recipe came from, but my mom’s made it so long that I think of it as hers. The essence of decadence, this meaty, saucy, cheesy, eggplanty confection is the ultimate dinner. And it’s uber impressive for guests, though not at all hard to make (and even non-eggplant types will love it). Mmmmm.
  • Spicy Tofu, Mushroom and Tomato on Rice – I am not generally a fan of Rachael Ray’s recipes but I came across this one in a doctor’s office waiting room and couldn’t help but write it down. We tried it this week and it was so good… which is marvelous because I was going to be bitter if I sauteed up all those lovely grape tomatoes for nothing. I had to stop myself from eating the whole tub while cooking.
  • Lasagna Soup – A tweet about lasagna soup had me intrigued so I followed it back to A Farmgirl’s Dabbles and the picture (plus something called cheesy yum that you put in your bowl) sucked me in. As I was making it Jeff asked,”So is this like homemade Hamburger Helper?” and after giving him a withering look he tried some and declared it “out of this world.”

What about you – have you made anything fabulous lately? I’d love to hear about it!

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3 Responses to daily bread 4/13/2011

  1. >I can't say that I've made anything wonderful lately…but all of this? That you've got here? Sounds really really good. So now I'm especially hungry :)I love it that I can find recipes here–I'm so often struggling with the meals as of late. Thank you!

  2. Kate says:

    >I roasted asparagus tonight, and topped it with a poached egg. It was light and delicious and simple as anything.Griffin made his favorite Chicken with Asparagus stir fry on Monday. He's getting really confident in the kitchen, and we love that he's willing.Those Beef skewers sound wonderful.

  3. Amy P. says:

    >I love the dinner ideas, Elle, keep 'em coming!

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