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please? someday? soon?

Please, little one, will you come out so we can finally meet face to face instead of inside to inside? So I can know what you feel like in my arms instead of just my belly (and ribcage and pelvis … Continue reading

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I don’t understand people who can feel crummy and still be Little-Miss-Sunshine.  I woke up today (around 3am) with a sore throat and a stuffed up nose and feeling absolutely, disconsolately stinky…. and I must say that in this state it’s very … Continue reading

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daily bread 7/12/11

Here we are again, with more yumminess to share… I have cooked some amazingly delicious things lately, so get yourselves ready – as Bette Middler says, get into that kitchen and rattle some pots & pans! Thai Green Curry Tofu … Continue reading

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There’s a giant in my garden. It’s a pretty giant, and a yummy one, but it’s rather taking over… so I’ve been trolling the internets, looking for ways to use her up and cut her down to size. My new … Continue reading

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31 weeks

Taken whilst shopping at one of my favorite places, The Cottage House. I am officially huge – Jeff says I’ve entered “whaleness.” And that, my friends, is why I love the man.

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